First Crow Indian Baptist Church Serving the Crow Nation and Lodge Grass Area since 1903
First Crow Indian Baptist ChurchServing the Crow Nation and Lodge Grass Area since 1903

New Church Building Project

Important Update:   With fund raising here and other sources we are close to completion of our new building. We have begun to meet in the new building and expect to hold a dedication service in Late Spring.  Thank you all.


On May 22, 2011, major flooding hit the area of the Crow Reservation, MT.  Our church property was also affected; flood water caused severe damage to the facility.  To mitigate the damage and prevent further damage such as mold, flooring, plaster and wallboard have to be removed.  As we proceeded with our mitigation we discovered major structural problems to the building some of which were due to its age of nearly 100 years, and some probably caused by previous floods.  Considering these problems and other issues with the facility, the congregation would like to pursue the possibility of rebuilding instead of trying to restore a failing facility.  Because of the historic nature of, and the emotional attachment of many extended families to this church, our vision would be to build approximately duplicating the architecture of the current building.  We would also incorporate our existing beautiful stained glass windows.  Some photos of the flood and damage appear below.  Photos of building prgress also appear below; scroll to the bottom to see the latest photos.



            Problems with the facility are listed below:

·         Concrete Foundation is crumbling in several places and has settled dramatically over the years.

·         Subfloors and floor joists are rotted in many places.

·         Plumbing is old and is beginning to rust through.

·         Electrical wiring is insufficient and has some serious problems in some areas of the building.  It caused destruction of two lap top computers probably because of improper grounding.

·         Chimneys are failing and need to be rebuilt; mortar has crumbled.

·         Restrooms are small and not handicapped accessible.

·         Insulation is insufficient and lacking in the walls.

·         Heating system is obsolete; in combination with the last point this makes for extremely high heating costs.






Estimates to rebuild are about $750,000.00.  We are currently conducting a fund raising effort.  If you desire to help with this project, tax-deductible donations can be sent to:

First Crow Indian Baptist Church

P.O. Box 507

Lodge Grass, MT 59050


Please designate ‘Building Fund’ in memo line of your check.


Or you can use the easy Donate Button below:

Flood of May, 2011
Rotted Floor Joists
Rotted Sub Floor
Crumbling Concrete Foundation
Some of our members in front of the old church building before demolition.
One of our tribal elders, Ruth Alden, 92 yrs old, and daughter, Clara, before domolition
Pastors David and Carolyn Lopez with work group from Acova Baptist Church, Indiana
Removimg bell from Steeple, Sept 9, 2013
Removing Weather Vane from top of Steeple, Sept 10, 2013
Chapel Demolition begins, Sept 10, 2013
Steeple coming down, Sept 10, 2013
Demolition Progress as of Sept 16, 2013
Demolition finished; burning some rubble in basement; October 27, 2013
Began excavation work for foundation of new building today, June 18, 2014
And finished the work today as well, June 18, 2014
Setting forms for the footings for foundation, July 15, 2014
Concrete Footings poured July 16, 2014
Foundation completed and are ready for rough plumbing and concrete floor. Funds available for this stage and just waiting for delivery of fill material. 6-17-2015
Concrete Work finished this is floor of new building, Sept 11, 2015
Finished concrete entry; Sept 11, 2015
Finished concrete patio, Set 11, 2015
Trusses beginning to be put in place. March 27, 2016
Last truss swinging into position. March 27, 2016.
Progress as of May 1, 2016. Roof on, siding beginning and cross hung on north end of building.
Siding on North end completed showing beautiful cross. May 13, 2016
Siding on south end completed, working on front of church. May 14, 2106.

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First Crow Indian Baptist Church


P.O. Box 507

Lodge Grass, MT 59050


Phone: 406 639-2302





What's Happening


In the spring of 2011 a major flood hit our area and our historic church, which was built in 1910.  During mitigation we found severe old damage from previous floods in 1930 and 1978, as well as other problems related to the age of our facility.  Critical structural components such as floor joists, bottom plates, and the foundation had severely deteriorated beyond reasonable repair.  There are also the problems often found in buildings over 100 years old, which make it more cost effective to rebuild instead of repairing a failing facility. 

        Our old building has been demolished .  Our new building is nearly complete and we began meeting there in November, 2018.


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