First Crow Indian Baptist Church Serving the Crow Nation and Lodge Grass Area since 1903
First Crow Indian Baptist ChurchServing the Crow Nation and Lodge Grass Area since 1903

Welcome to First Crow Indian Baptist Church.

David and Carolyn Lopez, Co-Pastors


We currently meet for Sunday Services at Little Brown Church building on the corner of Taft and S. Wolf Lays Down Streets in Lodge Grass, 10:30 AM, because of flood damage to our building, demolition and planned construction of a new building.


Please refer to "New Church Building Project" Page for great progress made.





Important Update:   We are nearly finished with the exterior shell of our new building.  Siding will be completed in a few days.  Please click on New Building Project tab to see photos.

Please consider making a contribution to our Building Fund; we have an immediate need of $15,000.00 to complete paying cost of the exterior.  You can now designate donations from Amazon Smile to our Building Fund;  0.5% of what you purchase will go to our account.  Just shop at the link below and designate First Crow Indian Baptist Church.  You can also donate using Paypal, go to the Building Project page above and find the donate button.  You can of course mail donations to our P.O. Box.  Thank you.




The First Crow Indian Baptist Church focuses on reaching the lost for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  We believe that the Gospel of Jesus not only provides for our eternal salvation but also teaches us how to live a better life here on Earth.  That is to say, having Jesus as Savior and Lord makes a difference in our lives here and now as well as in eternity.


First Crow Indian Baptist Church is a mission church operating under American Baptist Churches/Home Mission Society.  Lodge Grass is a small town on the Crow Indian Reservation with a population of about 900, although the church also draws people from the surrounding rural area.  Our town and the Reservation suffer from very poor economic conditions.

Contact Us

First Crow Indian Baptist Church


P.O. Box 507

Lodge Grass, MT 59050


Phone: 406 639-2302





What's Happening


In the spring of 2011 a major flood hit our area and our historic church, which was built in 1910.  During mitigation we found severe old damage from previous floods in 1930 and 1978, as well as other problems related to the age of our facility.  Critical structural components such as floor joists, bottom plates, and the foundation had severely deteriorated beyond reasonable repair.  There are also the problems often found in buildings over 100 years old, which make it more cost effective to rebuild instead of repairing a failing facility. 

        Our old building has been demolished and we are in a fund raising drive for the new building.  We will begin concrete work for foundation and floors as soon as the cold weather breaks this spring (2014).

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